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Manufacturer : Pharma Grade
Raw Material : Spirolonakton
Product Pack : 16 Tabs. 100mg
Shipping Line : Mid. East Line

Decreasing sodium and potassium level of the body may cause serious issues among patients. Aldactone is such a medicine which can control the sodium and potassium level and prevent from getting a lower count of those bodily components. The steroid is actually used to detect the sodium-potassium level in the body and treat the respective imbalance.

Aldactone comes in a form of oral tablet. Aldosterone antagonist spironolactone is the main composition of this steroid. Other than this one, the medicine has titanium dioxide, corn starch, hypromellose and iron oxide among other inactive ingredients. Aldactone is actually used to diagnose or treat the level or stability of Aldasterone, the hormone produced by the adrenal gland which helps regulating the salt and water balance.


It is always better to take the medicine on the basis of the prescription of a renowned physician. A number of blood tests should be done prior taking the medicine to avoid different kinds of side effects. Patients with normal diet can be administered with Aldactone. The doctors usually administer 100nto 400mg Aldactone to prepare a person for any surgery. However, some patients show instability which may be considered unsuitable for operation. Doctors may suggest Aldactone for those patients for a longer term.

Why to use

Aldactone is needed for the treatment of sodium-potassium imbalance in the body. However, it is better to follow the doctor’s prescription exactly the way he suggests. Several tests have proved that over dose of Aldactone may cause edema in the adults. Diuretic-induced Hypokalemia can also be cured by this medicine. A better response of renal tubule can be received after Aldactone treatment.

Negative effects

People with lever disease, heart disease or electrolyte imbalance should never take this steroid. Overdose of this steroid may cause nervousness, irregular heartbeat, numbness, red skin or skin rashes and more troubles for which patients should immediately contact with their physicians or get admitted to the hospitals for better and detailed treatment.

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