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Steroid profile

Androxine, aqua suspension of hormone Trenbolone, is basically an injectable steroid that has been considered as the most powerful amongst its keens available in the market. Tren, as it’s popularly known, has both the properties of being androgenic and anabolic properties. Tren first came on stage while it was used in the most known steroid, Parabolan. Though Parabolan was discontinued, but Tren found a brand new independent existence for its amazing effects. The steroid earned much popularity with incredible results amongst thousands of athletes worldwide.

Why to use

Tren, as it posses both the androgenic and anabolic properties, manifests amazing yield. Being androgenic in genre, Tren doesn’t chemically aromatize to produce estrogen buildup and thus suppresses the undesired appearance hyper-estrogenic symptoms. Its anabolic property makes a very impressive hard and defined muscle mass; the quite obvious reason that it is popular among athletes. It builds a quality muscle mass and boosts the body with ample strength, meanwhile it reduces the fat and water retention tendencies too. It also has clean role in body-fat metabolism and thus lots of the body builders are satisfied with the body fat dropping level during its use. Tren is also used in cattle implant pellets where it is used to increase the body mass as well as reducing the body fat.

Users’ guideline

The most appropriate dose recommended for this drug is 200-600mg per week that can be comfortably continued for a period of 6-10 weeks for best outcomes. Much better yields can be obtained if Tren can be taken with injectable form testosterone alongwith an oral dose such as Dbol.


Tren is generally not recommended for women as its masculine side-effects are almost guaranteed.
Some users also report about the uncontrollable night sweats while on it.
Many users have reported problems related with progesterone levels.

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