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Manufacturer : Pharma Grade
Raw Material : Flurosemid
Product Pack : 5 Amps. 20mg/2ml
Shipping Line : Mid. East Line

Lasix is basically a diuretic that helps to solve troubles regarding urination and keeps balance with water and potassium level. The use of this medicine can also prevent the chances of heart disease by leveling potassium in the body. It also helps the human body to drop the water weight which may put more pressure to those with kidney dysfunction.

Lasix is basically used by the athletes for its usefulness of lowering the weight of retained water to maintain proper balance. The anabolic steroids are likely to retain water in the body to provide it a pumped up look. Lasix can help to control the water class standing in the body according to weight and other measurements.


Lasix Ampul is made of the raw material of Furosemide. This injection is suggested to be pushed slowly or as small dosages. The rate should be about 4mg per minute. Patients with severe nephrologic issues should be administered with the medicine of 2.5mg per minute. The dosage regulations should be properly followed for Lasix to avoid adverse effects and any serious consequence. It should not be taken more than 80mgs per day to avoid any serious or life-threatening consequence.

This steroid also comes in a pill or oral form as well. Those who have trouble with injections may choose the oral forms.

Side effects

As side effect of this diuretic sudden relaxation of heart muscle can be observed. This medicine can work faster for draining out water from body to make it feel lighter. Nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness can also be seen due to overdose of the medicine. Low calcium, skin reactions are also some common problems or side effects of Lasix. People may also experience unstable pulse and heart rate. It would certainly be better to admit the patient to hospital if problem persists.

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