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Testosterone Enanthate under the brand name Testobolin vial is a commonly used anabolic steroid known for slowly releasing the testosterone hormone. Using this steroid helps in treating conditions of low testosterones.


This is an ester base testosterone compound having an ester attached to the hormone controlling the release of the hormone along with the active duration. The activity of the male hormone starts after the detachment of the ester takes place at a slow pace. 

The duration taken to start the activity is within 24-48 hours after the injection is taken following a sharp rise in the level of testosterones. The frequency of the injection is set to once every two weeks in a therapeutic setting since it carries a half-life of approximately 8 days.


The standard dosage of standard Testosterone Enanthate falls between 100-200mg per week range which can be divided into two small doses of 50-100mg each twice a week. The effect of the dosage will reach its peak after 48 hours of the dose. 


The use of this steroid is beneficial in enhanced protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, increased Red blood cells and IGF-1 Output and inhibition of glucocorticoids.  

Side Effects

The enlargement of male breasts takes place with the rise in the level of oestrogen in the body. There are also some instances of water retention which may lead to high blood pressure in case the retention is severe. Some of the androgenic side effects include body hair growth, hair loss leading to baldness, acne which is caused due to the metabolization of the testosterone hormone to dihydrotestosterone(DHT). 

Some instances of virilization in the women are seen including symptoms like deepening of vocal chords, clitoral enlargement and body hair growth. After the prolonged usage of the steroid, decrease in HDL and increase in LDL is found leading to rising in cholesterol which may result in coronary artery diseases. 

There is also the suppression found in the production of natural testosterones. Some other side effects include osteoporosis, diabetes, infertility, polyuria etc.

All these side effects are rare and can be eradicated by proper medications and maintaining an omega-rich diet. 

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