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Manufacturer : BM Pharmaceuticals
Raw Material : Testosterone Propionate
Product Pack : 10 ampoules (100mg/ml)
Shipping Line : Word Wide Shipping Line1

Buy Testopin-100 to gain more muscle mass and bulking up your body

Testosterone esters are used to gain muscle mass which help the users to bulk up the body so that they can flaunt perfect body as well as feel energetic while hitting the gym. Testopin-100 is one of the well known testosterone ester which may help the users to achieve a proper shape. However, like other forms of testosterone ester, Testopin-100 is not used in a massive level. The only problem with this steroid is a painful injection that many want to avoid to choose the smoother options.

Testopin-100 is a testosterone ester like testosterone enanthate and used for muscle building. It helps to store energy in the muscle tissues by nitrogen retention. Water retention by Testopin-100 may help the users to get a fuller look of the muscle.


This steroid is usually suggested to be taken with testosterone enanthate for a better result. At the beginning the dosage should be 50mg of Testopin-100. After a couple of days the steroid will start working properly and at that time another 50mg can be injected to the body. The users can also take higher dosages according to their need and suggestion of the medical practitioner. This steroid acts quicker than the other testosterone ester forms and stays for a shorter period. However, the span of dosage should not be exceeded more than 8 to 10 weeks to avoid the consequences of overdose.

Side effects

The side effects are more prompt in the enanthate esters but lesser in propionate esters like Testopin-100. This steroid may cause increase of body hair and baldness among the males due to its androgenic effects. Among the women it may cause growth of body hair as well as deep voice. Increased libido may be a good sign as many of the other anabolic steroids are known for suppressing sex hormone which may affect the normal lifestyle. However, overstimulation may be considered as a serious issue in this regard. Water retention is a common problem which may put more pressure in kidney functions and eventually damage it. Users should consult physicians if they sense any discomfort after administering this steroid.

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