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    This was my first time ordering with PMROIDS. I sent my order in on Saturday and I received it today Wednesday. package was discrete and secure. Looking forward to running it and providing update.
    Thank You PMROIDS!

  • D*** D*** First order from PMROIDS

    Got my first order from pmroids 4 tri tren ultima 4 tren blends from ultima 4 test and tren mix from beligas beligas cilas and ultima dbol

  • D*** T*** PMRoids Ultima

    I have had Ultima on my radar for awhile now, especially the ment. Very hard to find ment dosed at 100mg/ml but we have it here. These oils look really nice. Nice and clear and light.
    Placed a sizeable order so I figured I would go EMS for shipping..

    Order included (all Ultima Pharmaceuticals):

    Came in the nick of time so I will be switching over tomorrow to the ultima NPP and Tritest Blend 400 for use in my current cycle. I will also add the ment in for a finisher so I will be able to get a review out on these products when finished with cycle in a month or so.

  • A*** M*** Ultima Pharmaceuticals - Cut Mix 150

    I have been using this product for about 3 weeks - feeling great - getting stronger. Mild sides that can be managed. I have never experienced any PIP - will absolutely purchase this product again - excited to try others. As far as PMROIDS - they have been a pleasure to work with. Fast with response to emails and questions, always offers up great advice, you can tell these guys know what they are doing. PMROIDS will be a definite go to source in my future. Thank You!

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Ultima Pharmaceuticals - Cut Mix
This is an amazing blend - no PIP - great results.
- A M.
Ultima Pharmaceuticals Cut-Mix150
Great Blend And Product From PMROIDS.CC. 50mg Tren-Ace 50mg Mast-Prop 50mg Test-Prop
- C C.

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